The Engineering Physics program, combined with properly chosen specialty courses, enables students to choose future directions wisely.

About half of Engineering Physics graduates take positions in high-technology industries, at starting salaries at the top end of the scale for engineers. The others go to graduate school or to professional programs in engineering, law, medicine, and business administration. Engineering Physics’s reputation makes graduates extremely attractive candidates for graduate admission and financial support in many different disciplines.

Most Engineering Physics graduates develop careers in industry as staff engineers, scientists or technical directors; in research and administrative positions in nonprofit and national laboratories; as professors in almost all engineering and scientific disciplines at major universities; as consultants; or as physicians or lawyers.

AEP Alum James Dorris

I received a solid foundation in physics at AEP that served me well in graduate school and in subsequent pursuits. Beyond the coursework, it was the problem solving and coping skills—learning how to be stressed and tested on very hard problems—that helped me to develop confidence in my ability to contribute to all sorts of technical topics.

— Dr. James Dorris '01, Director of Electromagnetic Systems at Hyperloop Technologies
Graduate student Pinshane Huang and Professor David Muller with a model that depicts the atomic structure of glass. They were the first to directly image the world's thinnest sheet of glass.

Jumpstart your career...

...with the Master of Engineering Program (M.Eng.). This one-year master’s program offers advanced study and training in Engineering Physics. It provides valuable graduate training and research/design project experience sought after by industry, government, and R&D organizations. The curriculum is tailored to fit the needs of individual students, and the project component offers an opportunity for independent research under the supervision of leading scientists and engineers.

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