Spotlights: AEP

Pranav Kakhandiki ’24 presents his senior thesis

Pranav Kakhandiki ’24: Imaging materials with machine learning

Why Cornell, and why AEP in particular? I chose Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP) because of the breadth of physics courses offered, the freedom to explore my other academic interests, and the... Read more

  • Hometown: San Jose, CA
  • Applied and Engineering Physics, Disa Lab
Eleanor Richard, a young woman with blond hair and a gray shirt.

Eleanor Richard '25, Optica Women Scholar for 2024

Eleanor Richard ’25, from McLean, Virginia, has been named as one of 20 Optica Women Scholars for 2024. Advised by Professor David Muller, and a member of Professor Ankit Disa’s lab,... Read more Read more

  • Hometown: McLean, Virginia
Ivan Temnykh, AEP '08

Ivan Temnykh AEP '08: Follow your passion

Ivan Temnykh, AEP '08, pursues his passion using knowledge gained as an engineering physics major A: Your career path after Cornell took an interesting turn. Please tell us about it. A: After... Read more

Kara Zielinski (left) and Lois Pollack (right) align a gas dynamic virtual nozzle stream to a target.

Kara Zielinski: Using physics to understand life

Kara Zielinski is a 4th-year Ph.D. student who is working to better understand life’s essential processes by developing technology to capture interactions between biological molecules. She is a member... Read more

  • Applied and Engineering Physics
Yandong Li in the lab

Yandong Li

Yandong Li is a Ph.D. student in Prof. Gennady Shvets’ group who focuses on topological photonics, a new field that is inspired by condensed-matter physics and explores how to robustly control the... Read more

  • Hometown: Nanjing, China
  • Applied and Engineering Physics