Spotlights: AEP

Professor Craig Fennie

New Materials from the Atomic Scale Up

by Jackie Swift Nothing about Craig J. Fennie, Applied and Engineering Physics, is predictable or routine. “I stumble into things,” he says with a rueful smile. “There’s never a plan.” Yet Fennie’s... Read more

Photo of Najva Akbari

Meet Najva Akbari

Najva Akbari is on her way to becoming an optics expert who applies multi-photon microscopy to biological systems. Akbari is a doctoral student in Professor Chris Xu’s research group at Cornell. “I... Read more

Berit Goodge in her lab

Ph.D. Spotlight: Berit Goodge

When Berit Goodge came to Cornell to earn her Ph.D. in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP), she was simply following the roadmap she’d laid out in 4th grade. “I was a pretty precocious... Read more

Jie Shan, Professor of Applied and Engineering physics at Cornell

Welcome Jie Shan ( 2018 )

When Jie Shan was growing up in Zhejiang Province in China’s southeast, she did not imagine her future held a career in physics. “I always liked math and chemistry and physics when I was in high... Read more

Katherine Spoth

Katherine Spoth

Katherine is a member of the Kourkoutis Group, working on electron microscopy techniques to image biological specimens, especially whole cells, with nanometer resolution. Read more

  • Hometown: Buffalo, NY
  • Applied and Engineering Physics
Megan Holtz

Megan Holtz

Holtz became interested in the Energy Materials Center at Cornell and the collaborative environment that was happening across Cornell sciences and engineering. Read more

  • Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
  • Applied and Engineering Physics
Jason Bartell in the Fuchs Group Lab

Jason Bartell

Bartell is a Ph.D. candidate in the Fuchs Group Read more

  • Hometown: State College, PA
  • Applied and Engineering Physics