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About AEP

The School of Applied & Engineering Physics (AEP), is a department in Cornell University's College of Engineering. The AEP undergraduate major is Engineering Physics (EP). We offer a Master of Engineering in Engineering Physics and an M.S. Program in Applied Physics. The AEP graduate field is Applied Physics (AP).

  • Engineering Physics teaches the science that underlies engineering. EP gives you a great edge in study and careers and can be a gateway to many opportunities. EP has been one of the top 5 undergraduate EP programs for many years in the US News & World Report rankings.

  • The Masters of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics prepares you for engineering design and development employment or further graduate work. You can broaden and deepen your preparation in AP, or prepare for professional engineering in laser and optical technology, nanostructure science and technology, device physics, materials characterization, or software engineering.

  • We are no longer accepting applications for the Master of Science Program in Applied Physics. We are redesigning the M.S. program and expect the process to take at least a year. We will reopen the program for new admissions when the new M.S. program is in place. 

  • Applied Physics is a research-oriented PhD program that provides a flexible graduate education tailored to individual interests. AP combines a core physics curriculum with research and study in one of several areas. Typically, students have a BS in physics, in another physical science (e.g., chemistry), or in an engineering field.

Contact AEP's academic program administrator at 607-255-0638, or email us for additional information.