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Academic Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics teaches the science that underlies engineering.

The Master of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics prepares students for engineering design and development employment or further graduate work.

The two-year Master of Science in Applied Physics program offers advanced study and training in the three cores of AP: Optics, Nanotechnologies, and Biotechnologies.

Applied Physics is a research-oriented PhD program that provides a flexible graduate education tailored to individual interests.

Recent News

Move over, silicon? New transistor material tested

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For the ever-shrinking transistor, there may be a new game in town. Cornell researchers have...

Greg Fuchs receives DOE early career award

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Greg Fuchs, assistant professor of applied and engineering physics, has received a Department of...

Nanoscale short course offered June 3-6

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The Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility will offer a comprehensive, three-day course...

CCMR symposium to explore nanoscale spin

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Recent advances in measuring and controlling nanoscale spin systems is the theme of this year’s...

New battery test center adds zip to New York economy

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Replacing the gasoline economy with better batteries may be accelerated thanks to unique battery...

Cornell alum to present the Henri Sack Memorial Lecture

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The National Ignition Facility (NIF): Pathway to Energy Security and Physics of the Cosmos