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Academic Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics teaches the science that underlies engineering.

The Master of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics prepares students for engineering design and development employment or further graduate work.

The two-year Master of Science in Applied Physics program offers advanced study and training in the three cores of AP: Optics, Nanotechnologies, and Biotechnologies.

Applied Physics is a research-oriented PhD program that provides a flexible graduate education tailored to individual interests.

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Recent News

Three alumni win million euro Brain Prize

Winfried Denk, Ph.D. ’89, Karel Svoboda ’88, and David Tank, M.S. ’80, Ph.D. ’83, have won the...

Electron spins controlled using sound waves

Cornell applied physicists have demonstrated an unprecedented method of control over electron spins...

Precision gas sensor could fit on a chip

Cornell engineers have miniaturized a light source in the elusive mid-infrared spectrum,...

New 'knobs' can dial in control of materials

A new study by Cornell scientists offers insight on how different "knobs" can change material...

NSF grant to fund ‘revolutionary’ electron microscope

The NSF has awarded Cornell $2.7 million to acquire a cryogenic, aberration-corrected scanning...

Multiferroic heroics put instant-on computing in sight

Researchers have made a breakthrough in nonvolatile memory and instant-on computing with a working,...