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Academic Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics teaches the science that underlies engineering.

The Master of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics prepares students for engineering design and development employment or further graduate work.

The two-year Master of Science in Applied Physics program offers advanced study and training in the three cores of AP: Optics, Nanotechnologies, and Biotechnologies.

Applied Physics is a research-oriented PhD program that provides a flexible graduate education tailored to individual interests.

Recent News

Slo-mo unwrapping of nucleosomal DNA probes protein's role

Study probes how DNA unwrapping and the release of protein are linked inside the macromolecular...

CHESS facility helps scale up solar cells

Researchers from Cornell and the University of Virginia collaborated at the Cornell High Energy...

With CLEO detector gone, CHESS facility looks back, ahead

After 30 years and more than 500 peer-reviewed publications, the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron...

FEI and Cornell University Collaborate to Commercialize New EMPAD Detector

Speed, sensitivity and dynamic range will enable multichannel atomic-scale imaging and analysis of...

CornellCast: CHESS-U with Joel Brock

CHESS Director Joel Brock explains how the lab is undergoing an upgrade to create a higher energy,...

Latest Spotlights

Welcome Gennady Shvets

Shvets is excited to recruit new graduate students for is the creation of a new kind of endoscope

Welcome Guillaume Lambert

“I remember thinking ‘this is so cool—I want to do this.’ I felt like a fish in water” says Lambert.

Jeffrey Moses joins faculty of AEP

Jeffrey Moses wants to look at things that can barely be seen; specifically, events that happen in under a trillionth of a second.