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Academic Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics teaches the science that underlies engineering.

The Master of Engineering degree in Engineering Physics prepares students for engineering design and development employment or further graduate work.

Applied Physics is a research-oriented Ph.D. program that provides a flexible graduate education tailored to individual interests.

Recent News

Four Engineering Physics graduates receive NSF research fellowships

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students...

Nanoscale facility partners with German photonics firm

The Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility has entered into a partnership with the...

Breakthrough made in atomically thin magnets

Cornell researchers have become the first to control atomically thin magnets with an electric...

Lena Kourkoutis awarded 2018 Microscopy Society of America Major Award

The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) announced today its 2018 major award winners, including AEP...

New technique simplifies creation of nanoparticle 'magic-sized clusters'

A collaboration of two Cornell research groups has proposed a novel method for producing groups of...

Latest Spotlights

Lois Pollack: Developing new instruments and learning more about proteins

The do-it-yourself attitude runs deep in Lois Pollack.

Welcome Jie Shan!

When Jie Shan was growing up in Zhejiang Province in China’s southeast, she did not imagine her future held a career in physics.

What goes on in there? A visit to Cornell’s Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility

A guided tour of Cornell's CNF, which in 2017 will celebrate 40 years of operations at the very edge of nanoscale science and technology.