Bernard J. Couillaud Prize Awarded to AEP Postdoctoral Associate Bo Li

Xu Lab postdoctoral associate Bo Li is the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Bernard J. Couillaud Prize. The Optical Society of America and Coherent, Inc. award this merit-based prize to an early career professional working in the area of ultrafast photonics. 

The Bernard J. Couillaud Prize "provides the opportunity for an early-career professional (1-5 years post highest degree) to pursue a compelling and innovative project that has the potential to make a meaningful and positive impact on the science and applications of ultrafast lasers. One early career professional will receive a merit-based award which includes a $20,500 USD prize and $5,000 USD in travel expenses.

The goal is to support individuals in the area of ultrafast photonics for the purpose of providing dynamic and rigorous research with a state of the art approach to solving difficult, real-world problems. Recipients will be granted total research freedom with consideration being given to the following: 1. Work focused on advancing basic research or; 2. Efforts focused on transitioning an idea into a commercial innovation.

The prize is expected to help the recipient in their pursuit of the most compelling and interesting research issues in ultrafast optics."  

Li received his Ph.D. in telecommunication from Beijing Jiaotong University. Li's research interests include fiber optics, raman scattering imaging, multi-photon imaging and microwave photonics. 

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photo of bo li

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