LASSP & AEP Seminar by Ankit S. Disa (Cornell University)


Clark Hall 700


Ankit S. Disa
Assistant Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University

"Using light to engineer beyond equilibrium quantum materials"

Quantum materials are broadly distinguished by their unique macroscopic phases, which emerge as a result of electronic interactions across many length scales. These emergent phases lead to functionalities with enormous technological potential, such as high-temperature superconductivity and multiferroicity, but devising ways to manipulate their quantum behavior “on demand” for practical application remains a major challenge. In equilibrium, properties can be tuned by, for instance, synthesizing new materials or applying external pressure. In this talk, I will describe an alternative approach, in which ultrashort light pulses can be used to dynamically engineer quantum materials, resulting in non-equilibrium properties that often cannot be achieved otherwise. I will focus on the growing field of “nonlinear phononics”, which makes use of tailored, low-energy (THz-frequency) excitation to resonantly drive ions within the crystal lattice to large amplitudes. This technique provides a knob to tune electronic and magnetic interactions, break symmetries, and unlock new phases in quantum materials. I will highlight recent experiments demonstrating the ability to optically control, enhance, and induce non-equilibrium magnetism and ferroelectricity in complex oxides. Interestingly, the ultrafast dynamics of these driven systems can give way, in some cases, to metastable light-induced states persisting for “ultralong” times. Finally, I will touch upon our future plans of integrating atomic layer materials synthesis to enable the rational design of non-equilibrium functionalities for next-generation quantum and ultrafast technologies.

Hosted by Katja Nowack

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