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Alexander L. Gaeta

  • Alexander L. Gaeta
  • Dept: Applied and Engineering Physics
  • Title: Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Engineering
  • Address: 270B Clark Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-9983
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After receiving his doctoral degree in optics, Gaeta remained at the University of Rochester for two years as a postdoctoral research associate. He joined the Cornell faculty in 1992. He received Young Investigator Awards from the Office of Naval Research in 1993, and from the Army Research Office in 1995. He was a recipient of the College of Engineering Teaching Award in 1997, 2000, 2003, and 2007. He is a fellow of the Optical Society of America and of the American Physical Society. Gaeta has served as director of the Center for Nanoscale Systems from 2007-2012.

Research Interests

Ultrafast nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, nonlinear propagation in fibers and bulk media, photonic crystal fibers, coherent interactions of laser light with matter, the generation of non-classical light fields, stimulated scattering processes.

Selected Publications

  • Saha, K., Y. Okawachi, B. Shim, J. S. Levy, R. Salem, A. R. Johnson, M. A. Foster, M. R. E. Lamont, M. Lipson, Alexander L. Gaeta. 2013. "Modelocking and femtosecond pulse generation in chip-based frequency combs." Optics Express 21 (1): 1335-1343.
  • Shim, B., S. E. Scharauth, Alexander L. Gaeta, M. Klein, G. Fibich. 2012. "Loss of phase of collapsing beams." Physical Review Letters 108 (4): 043902.
  • Fridman, M., A. Farsi, Y. Okawachi, Alexander L. Gaeta. 2012. "Demonstration of Temporal Cloaking." Nature 481 (7379): 62-65.
  • Foster, M. A., R. Salem, D. F. Geraghty, A. C. Turner-Foster, M. Lipson, Alexander L. Gaeta. 2008. "Silicon-chip-based ultrafast optical oscilloscope." Nature 456 (7218): 81-U2.
  • Okawachi, Yoshitomo , R. Salem, Adrea R. Johnson, Kasturi Saha, Jacob S. Levy, Michal Lipson, Alexander L. Gaeta. 2012. "Asynchronous single-shot characterization of high-repetition-rate ultrafast waveforms using a time-lens-based temporal magnifier." Optics Letters 37 (23): 4892-4894.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Fellow (American Physical Society) 2011
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (Cornell University - College of Engineering) 2007
  • Fellow (Optical Society of America) 2004
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (Cornell University - College of Engineering) 2003
  • Excellence in Teaching Award (Cornell University - College of Engineering) 2000