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Video: Frank Wise Group's Latest Research on Optical Fibers

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A spool of optical fiber in the lab

In the School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Professor Frank Wise’s Group has been researching the propagation of short pulses of light within multimode fibers. In industry and in medicine, lasers based on optical fiber are a rapidly growing market, providing unprecedented performance, cost, and reliability. However, these technologies currently rely on single mode fibers, and are nearing their fundamental limits. To address this growing concern, Wise Group researchers are studying multimode fibers as a solution, which could potentially be utilized in a multitude of applications, including things like high-speed internet, neutral networks, and very high-powered lasers.

In the following video, AEP Ph.D. Candidate Logan Wright discusses the team’s recent work in attempting to understand the behavior of intense pulses of light in multimode optical fibers.

You can read their full article on this topic, published in Nature Photonics this past November, here: “Self-organized instability in graded-index multimode fibres.”

For more information on the Wise Group research, please visit their website at:


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