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AEP students awarded NSF Fellowships

Monday, May 2, 2016

Left to Right: Christian Zollner, Jovana Andrejevic, Mallika Bariya, Aaron Wan Hin Hui.

Jovana Andrejevic, Mallika Bariya, Christian Zollner, and Aaron Wan Hin Hui, students in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics, have been named recipients of a 2016 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, an award given annually to individuals across the nation who have demonstrated their potential for significant research achievements.  Andrejevic, Bariya, and Zollner are currently fouth-year undergraduates; Hui is part of the Ph.D. in applied physics program.

With the support of the fellowship, Andrejevic hopes to conduct further research in materials theory, improving materials and devices from properties that originate at the molecular level, particularly in applications for renewable energy materials as she pursues a Ph.D. in applied physics at Harvard University. Moreover, she is excited to engage in research at the junction where experiment and computation can provide complementary insight, and collaborate with other researchers in the field.

Bariya will pursue a Ph.D. in materials and devices at UC Berkeley, where she hopes to explore fundamental structural and electronic properties of 2-D materials to enable new functionalities for energy and sensing technologies. “This work will rely heavily on my applied physics background as I work at the interface of physics, materials science, and electrical engineering,” she says.

Zollner will be pursuing a Ph.D. in the Materials department at UC Santa Barbara. He expects to work with Shuji Nakamura's group in electronic materials, conducting research related to GaN and other nitride-based semiconductor technologies (with notable applications in LEDs and laser diodes). 

Hui is a first-year Ph.D. student at AEP and his field of study is theoretical condensed matter physics. Working with Professor of Physics Eun-Ah Kim, he is studying the fractional quantum hall effect. 

Additionally, AEP alumnus Bryan Anthonio '15 received an NSF Fellowship this year. He will be pursuing a Ph.D. program at Rice University where he hopes to continue his current research that focuses on using lasers to study material properties.

Chosen from close to 17,000 applicants, the awardees of the NSF GRFP represent a diverse group of scientific disciplines and from all states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. commonwealths and territories. The group is diverse, including 1,077 women, 424 individuals from underrepresented minority groups, 62 persons with disabilities, 35 veterans and 627 senior undergraduates. Former NSF fellows include numerous individuals who have made transformative breakthroughs in science and engineering, have become leaders in their chosen careers and been honored as Nobel Laureates. For more information, please see the recent NSF press release.

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