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Professor Pollack's "Physics of Life" course ends with a mini poster session

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grad Student Presenters

Professor Lois Pollack ended the course "The Physics of Life" (AEP 5520) on an upbeat note. The course covered scientific posters and the importance of layout and presentation. The last day of class, the 7 graduate students in the course had a chance to try out their skills and be critiqued by the other ~25 classmates.

I was able to be there while the grad students were setting up and preparing. The enthusiasm in the room was electric. I was hearing chatter of the challenges of cutting, cutting, cutting and re-wording sentences to simplify. How to get all these hours of research onto 2 x 3 feet of paper and have it look good. All in all, for a first time attempt, these were great. And these guys were ready to present.

I did hear that when the class showed up, there was excellent criticism and  everyone learned alot. Professor Pollack was very proud, and the students will take this valuable tool with them all through their careers.

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