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Ithaca-Weill collaborations spur videoconferencing upgrades

October 12, 2007

Students in Biophysical Methods (A&EP 570) are taught by Manfred Lindau, professor of applied and engineering physics, and Fred Maxfield, professor and chair of the Department of Biochemistry at... read more

CU researchers shed light on light-emitting nanodevice

October 3, 2007

An interdisciplinary team of Cornell nanotechnology researchers has unraveled some of the fundamental physics of a material that holds promise for light-emitting, flexible semiconductors.Provided Top... read more

Coming in 2010: New space for research, serendipity and intellectual collisions

September 24, 2007

The fences are up; orange-vested workers are gathering. Construction of the new physical sciences building -- an enhanced research and teaching space for Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Physics, and... read more

Robert Buhrman named vice provost for research

August 23, 2007

Robert Buhrman, director of Cornell's Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), has been named vice provost for research. He succeeds Nobel laureate Robert Richardson, who will become senior science... read more

Researchers discover 'exotic' interface between two materials

August 20, 2007

In another step toward understanding matter at its most fundamental levels, Cornell researchers have found that two rather conventional materials can be made to exhibit very unconventional properties... read more

Cornell engineering physics is ranked No. 1 for third straight year by U.S. News and World Report

August 17, 2007

For undergraduates looking for the top program in engineering physics, Cornell is the best place to go, according to U.S. News and World Report. In its annual university and college rankings issue,... read more

Side-to-side shaking of nanoresonators throws off impurities, researchers find

August 6, 2007

Tiny vibrating silicon resonators are of intense interest in nanotechnology circles for their potential ability to detect bacteria, viruses, DNA and other biological molecules.Cornell researchers... read more

CNF reflects on past, looks to future of nanoscience at 30th anniversary celebration

June 18, 2007

The Cornell campus buzzed with close to 380 participants at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF), June 14. Topics addressed included drug... read more

Cornell scientists Barbara Baird and John Silcox talk up nanotechnology on NPR's 'Science Friday'

June 18, 2007

From devices that recognize diseases before symptoms appear to sensors that detect toxins in the environment, people across the nation tuning into National Public Radio (NPR) June 15 heard from... read more

From bone replacements to gene delivery systems: Seed grants fund collaborative research with medical school

April 18, 2007

Harold Craighead, the C.W. Lake Jr. Professor of Engineering (Ithaca), and Douglas Scherr, assistant professor of Urology (WCMC), to develop a microfluidic system for early detection of bladder... read more

Cornell researchers develop virus-size 'nanolamps' that could aid use of flexible electronic devices as sensors

April 11, 2007

A Cornell team of researchers has produced microscopic 'nanolamps' -- light-emitting nanofibers about the size of a virus or the tiniest of bacteria. The potential applications are in flexible... read more

David Muller's 'landmark' work in interfacing single layers of atoms wins Nature Materials 'Top 10' accolade

April 11, 2007

The work of Professor David Muller and colleagues in interfacing single layers of atoms has been chosen by the journal Nature Materials as one of its top 10 papers of 2006. (April 11, 2007) read more

Reach out and touch an oscillator: Cornell researchers find a new way to read nanoscale vibrations

March 26, 2007

Nanomechanical oscillators -- tiny strips of vibrating silicon only a few hundred atoms thick -- are the subject of extensive study by nanotechnology researchers. They could someday replace bulky... read more

Harold Craighead and Éva Tardos elected to National Academy of Engineering

February 12, 2007

Two members of Cornell's engineering faculty -- Harold Craighead, the Charles W. Lake Jr. Professor of Engineering, and Eva Tardos, professor and chair of the Department of Computer Science -- are... read more

'Watching atoms move' is goal of powerful new X-ray sources, says CU's Joel Brock in Science article

February 5, 2007

When excited, atoms move at impossibly small length and time scales -- too small and too fast to have been observed in years past.But as applied and engineering physics professor Joel D. Brock... read more

Using new ways to study a devastating disease: Researchers observe Alzheimer's disease in cultures and living tissue

January 23, 2007

Beta amyloid plaques -- the clumps of protein molecules that build up in the brains of people afflicted with Alzheimer's disease -- have long been the focus of researchers searching for ways to treat... read more